Learn to Let go of what is pulling you down

Learn to Let go of what is pulling you down
Rupinder Nanda

Learn to Let go of
what is pulling you down.

Danyelle Rigli

I am greater
than that which wants
to bring me down.

Karthik Parthasarathy

Weighed down by the expectations,
Struggling to hold on to life,
I am as close as possible,
To give it all up and drown.
Not to be, That’s not who I am,
If that’s the last thing I will ever do,
I will hold on to hope as far as possible,
Will never go down without a fight.

Sarrvesh Waran

The weight of reality
pulling me down.
With no one to save me,
not even a prince with crown,
I know I am alone
with my battle unknown.
At the end of the day,
it is just me.
No one will come
to my aid you see.
I only have myself
to stop my bleed.
But that’s more than enough,
I am all that I need..

Richa Kalra

Slowly drowning
in the pool of expectations;
Feel helpless
but don’t loose my patience ;
Will strive hard until I win;
Regain all the strength
I have within;
Show the world
Against all the odds,
I stand grinning..

Priyanka Tripathi

Don’t burden yourself
with this this painful past,
It won’t let you enjoy present!
It won’t let you have
your desirable future!
Let go! Let go! Let go!

Rinku Shah

Is your emotional baggage
weighing you down?
Very soon you will drown.
Hang in there,
Is not always fair.
Release and feel the peace!

Rinku Shah

It’s not the load,
But how we hoard.
Things that weigh us down,
Should have released them
long ago.
And set myself free!

Johnny Lee Sears Jr

Sometimes it hurts to let it go,
but if you don’t
your burdens will drag you down.

Ceona Chambers

Life is weighing me down,
the stress is taking its toll,
how much longer
can I maintain my hold

Rose Marie Cassar

I am stronger than my difficulties.
Nothing will weigh me down

Lucie Brunet

Sometimes letting go
of baggages
is the best option

Susan Fair Arakelian

Is your everyday baggage
pulling you under,
are you drowning in responsibility?

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