The Seven Layers Of The Human Aura: Their Functions and Meanings

Seven Layers Of The Human Aura

Here are some of the most common features of the fourth layer:

  • Fourth from our physical body
  • Connected to the Anahata or heart chakra
  • Manifestation of our astral cords with others
  • Rainbow colored or rosy pink in color
  • Love and intimate relationships strengthen it
  • Relationship conflicts, separation or breakups can weaken it
  • Helps to view state of the chakras

This layer is a doorway to the astral plane, provides healing energies and connects us to the higher dimensions of reality. This layer can cause certain emotional experiences, such as vision, imagination, fantasies, dreams, hallucinations, out-of-body experiences and  near-death experiences. This layer can be stimulated through meditation, psychic development techniques, astral projection/travel techniques, shamanic practices, yoga (pranayama), psychedelic drugs,  lucid dreaming, biochemical imbalances, energy stimulation, and even certain injuries.

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5. Etheric template layer

Also known as the etheric double body, it is the fifth layer of the human aura. It is connected with the fifth chakra called the throat chakra and related to different aspects of our physical body. A high vibration layer, this is considered as a mirror of the first layer or the Etheric body and is a copy of the physical body in the spiritual realm. Usually, this layer is 1 to 2 feet beyond the physical body. It represents creativity, communication, vibration and sound as it is associated with the throat chakra & how we speak. This layer is often seen as the negative of a photograph and is believed to be a blueprint of our physical body.

Here are some of the common features of the fifth auric layer:

  • Fifth from our physical body
  • A complete blueprint of the physical body on spiritual plane
  • Involves our physical existence, like identity, personality & energy
  • Related to the Vishudha or throat chakra
  • Has a range of colors which tend to vary
  • Strengthened by self-awareness and expression of truth

The etheric double monitors and helps to treat diseases which can affect our physical body. This layer can be stimulated by using healing sounds.

6. Celestial Layer

The sixth layer of the human aura is related to the 3rd eye chakra. This layer enables us to establish spiritual connections, experience our inner light and begin the process of enlightenment. Spanning for almost two and a half feet away from the body, the celestial layer helps us to experience a sense of unconditional love. The sixth layer helps to develop our wisdom and intuition. However, it can be often very challenging to observe as it has a shimmering colorful glow. This layer is considered as a reflection of our subconscious mind and is regarded as a place where the spiritual mind meets the physical mind through spiritual practices like meditation. The celestial layer of human aura is connected with our intuitive knowledge, higher intellectual knowledge, spiritual awareness, dreams, memories, honesty, trust &  unconditional love. It holds things that are greater than our own selves.

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Here are some of the most common features of the sixth layer of human aura:

  • Sixth from our physical body
  • Related to the Agya or third eye chakra
  • Has powerful and string vibrations
  • Reflect a connection with divine and spiritual beings
  • Tends to be pearly white in color and has a gold-silver shimmer
  • Enables us to communicate with spirits & receive messages from angels
  • Can be strengthened by unconditional love

The sixth layer helps us experience higher thoughts, emotions, manifestations & spiritual ecstasy. It helps us form a pure bond with the Supreme Being or God through unconditional love. We can activate the celestial body through meditation and other spiritual practices.

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