The Seven Layers Of The Human Aura: Their Functions and Meanings

Seven Layers Of The Human Aura

2. Emotional layer

The 2nd layer of the human aura is associated with our emotions and is reflective of our present mood. It is located immediately after the first layer and spans 1 to 3 inches beyond our physical state. Related to the sacral chakra, the emotional layer holds our feelings and emotions, like love, happiness, sorrow, hate, sensitivity etc. This layer can interpenetrate the Etheric and the physical bodies and enables us to sense various emotions by driving consciousness & connecting the mind and body. This second layer is in a constant state of change and deals with difficult emotions like loneliness, resentment, and fear as well.

Here are some of the common features of the second auric layer:

  • Second closest to our physical body
  • Reflective of our emotions and moods
  • Related to the Swadhisthana or the sacral chakra
  • Includes all the colors of the rainbow
  • Emotional distress can turn the color muddy
  • Helps to determine the state of different chakras

The energies in the emotional body interact with the etheric body which is then transmitted to the physical body. This layer enables us to experience emotions, imaginations, desires and even psychic abilities. It takes the form of the physical body and manifests the full range of human emotions, including altruism and selfishness. It takes adequate practice to see this layer. By arousing desire, we can stimulate emotional consciousness.

3. Mental layer

Located outside the second layer, the mental body is related to the third chakra, known as solar plexus chakra. Spanning 3 to 8 inches from our physical body, it holds our mental thought processes, ego, judgments, discipline, regulations etc. It is also associated with our intellect, consciousness, logic, ideas, personal power and beliefs. However, the layer tends to expand when we are engaged in deep thoughts. This layer is represented by a vivid yellow color as thoughts create a noticeable vibration. This layer helps to validate all our thoughts and logical processes. The third layer represents our mental health and any psychological conditions we may have. The mental body has a higher vibration than the first two layers.

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Some of the common characteristics of the third layer includes the following –

  • Placed third from our physical body
  • Related to our cognitive processes, ego, mental state and thoughts
  • Has a vivid and bright yellow color
  • Associated with the Manipura or sacral chakra
  • Typically vibrates strongly near our head, neck and shoulders
  • Stronger in people with an overactive mind or engaged in mental tasks  
  • Creativity also helps to strengthen it 

The third layer of human aura helps our cognitive abilities and enables us to identify and engage in thoughts, ideas, beliefs & superior mental abilities. This layer helps us interpret the path of life and fulfil our destiny. The stronger and higher mental abilities we have, the better the layer is expressed in our physical body. This layer can be stimulated by engaging in tasks like meditation, reading, research, teaching and energy stimulation.

The Seven Layers Of The Human Aura: Their Functions and Meanings
The Seven Layers Of The Human Aura: Their Functions and Meanings

4. Astral bridge layer

The astral body or the astral bridge layer is the bridge between the higher vibrations of the spiritual plane or the higher 3 layers and the lower vibrations of the physical plane or the lower 3 layers. Also represented by the rainbow colors and sometimes by a pink light, the fourth human aura layer is associated with the heart chakra. This particular layer is important for our spiritual development as it empowers us to become a channel for high vibrations. This spiritual layer can extend to 8 to 12 inches beyond our physical body and depends on our spiritual health. Although this layer may be a bit chaotic, it acts as a bridge to the astral plane. It is associated with our wellbeing, life-balance, spiritual growth and sense of love.

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