Law Of Attraction – Is This Law Truly Universal?

 January 08, 2017

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The question is, what we can do with the freedom? Alas, the general experience is that most Wanderers begin to use that freedom as imitations only, for purposes our parents and teachers used to believe was freedom. In this way, we attract to us everything that was previously in short supply to us: money, power and a variety of entertainment. We achieve the goals we have been pursuing so far.

But this route, as we have seen before, leads us at best to the recognition of the futility of this freedom. Only the realization of the senselessness of the daily struggle in the world of the shapes and forms brings us real freedom, which is the freedom of the termination of identification with shapes and forms.


Law of Oneness is the Real Master Key

Once we have realized that the master key and the iron gate are not real, what can we do? How can we find truth? Is there a real master key at all, to open the gate of Reality?

Yes, that master key does exist, and it is identical with our real state of existence. This is the state of Pure Consciousness, free of identifications, the state of the Witnessing Presence.

The glue that lulls that Pure Consciousness and binds it to the shapes and forms is the activity of the mind. The mind judges and categorizes everybody and everything, dividing them into good, bad and neutral categories. If we condemn or like something or someone, we have identitifed with our opinion and the emotions coming with it. When we find something neutral, we put it in the ”it might come in handy later” box, which is also a way of identification.

In the state of Witnessing Presence, whe we are contemplators, we are free of the desire to identify with thoughts and emotions. We no longer judge things, we no longer categorize, and do not struggle against thought and emotions. Instead, we observe them as witnesses when they appear, stay there for a while and then finally vanish. They do the dance of the forms and shapes in the space of Consciousness that is in fact we are ourselves.

Law of Oneness. This is the master key that opens up all locks! 

~From the book: Frank M. WandererThe Revolution of Consciousness: Deconditioning the Programmed Mind

8 comments on “Law Of Attraction – Is This Law Truly Universal?

  1. Law of Attraction exists but it’s much more than thinking happy thoughts.. People can say it’s just a simple law. But when applied in real life it gets complicated…

    I am know people who have applied applied this LOA to get rid of their addiction or negative patterns in their life.. But they have failed.. Because as long as they are thinking happy thoughts consciously things are okay. But soon a person gets tired of thinking and when they stop thinking the problem back fires…

    People have no idea that Subconscious mind has its own level of consciousness and its very difficult to fight it… Because remember u can use LOA consciously but u can get tired.. But subconscious doesn’t…

    It’s only when a person’s subconscious mind is ready only them here can consciously apply LOA to reprogram it completely otherwise it will keep bothering you…

  2. Common sense. The Law of Attraction is an unrealistic pile of twaddle feeding a vacuous sense of entitlement in some, who feel that “The Universe” is a benevolent entity focused on giving them what they want, eventually. The sooner people stop streaming into this pile of fantasy, the better.

    • Thank you for sayin what needed to be said! It slightly annoys me how many people post things about that shit. It is an incredibly dangerous way of thinking, its ok to be open minded but this stuff gets retarded easy

      • I put the Law of Attraction on the same list with other spiritual philosophies that have been packaged, branded and marketed for people who are looking for a way out of what might very well just be the Human Condition. Other examples of this are Christianity, Judaism and Islam, Buddhism, Sufism and various branches of Yoga, Transcendental Meditation, Scientology, the Law of Attraction … and Universal Consciousness.

        I am skeptical of any article that claims a path has the “Master Key” and that another path is invalid. Someone who is “enlightened” would be inclined to realize that all the paths – as well as Atheism, Science, ritual exercise, substance addiction and Psychology (among others) – are manifestations, matters of perspective – and not The Answer.. I don’t have the Answer. No one has The Answer. Philosophers, religious leaders and Scientists have been looking for The Answer for millenia. There might not be an answer. Maybe it is the Human Condition to fixate on the wrong question.


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