How To Manifest Your Dream Job Or Career Using The “Law Of Attraction”: 4 Ways

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2. Imagine yourself in that position

Allow yourself to imagine this desire as if it were already fulfilled. In your heart and mind, play with the feeling of having achieved every one of your career goals.

What quality do you hope you will experience as a result of creating this? Is it joy? Freedom? Love?

Maybe it’s a feeling of pride or accomplishment, or of contentment. Allow this feeling to wash over you, just for the pleasure of it.

3. Acknowledge the areas of your life you’re happy with already

Having identified the “feeling” essence of your ideal career, notice in what aspects of your life this feeling is already present.

For example, if you desire financial prosperity because of the freedom it will provide, notice where in your life you are already free. Now take this further and identify an action you could take that would enhance this feeling.

If you’re seeking a feeling of pride or accomplishment, what actions could you take to generate this for yourself?

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4. Connect with the feeling that your ideal job would give you

As you are taking this action, connect with this feeling essence at an emotional level. Feel the vibration of it permeate your body and radiate through every cell of your being.

Notice what new thoughts or ideas arise from this clarified state of being, and if it feels good to do so, act on them.

Return to this feeling state often — it’s as easy as turning to your favorite radio station when you get into your car. Commit to residing in this vibration each day, and watch what new experiences unfold as a result.

Learning to attune yourself — in thought, emotion, and energy — with the essence of your ideal career is the key to attracting it, in living color, into your “real” life.

Written by Christy Whitman
Originally appeared in Yourtango
4 Ways To Manifest Your Dream Job Or Career Using The 'Law Of Attraction'
Manifest Your Dream Job
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How To Manifest Your Dream Job Or Career Using The "Law Of Attraction": 4 Ways
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