Is Your Lack Of Attention Slowly Ruining Your Relationship?

Is Your Lack Of Attention Slowly Ruining Your Relationship?


2. If your relationship is consumed by busyness, sit down with your partner and explore how your time is spent.

See if there are tiny opportunities to make time for emotional connection. I have suggested some rituals here: 7 Daily Rituals Intentional Couples Use to Cultivate Lasting Love

“Attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager. Stay eager.” ― Susan Sontag


3. For attention fatigue when it comes to stress, I would recommend having the daily stress-reducing conversation

As well as scheduling a State of the Union meeting when both partners have energy so you can listen to each other and work together to come up with a solution.


4. If devices are a problem, then read this article:

Four Common Solvable Problems in Relationships. Devices have become a big problem in my life. For this reason, I read Digital Minimalism and went through an attention diet. Knowing that my attention is limited, I want to make sure I focus on what matters most in my life.


5. Schedule a new experience with each other.

Often in relationships with kids, the children get all kinds of new activities, while the adults get the routine of daily life. Bring in the childlike curiosity and playfulness into your relationship. Explore new parts of each other when you try dancing, painting, a new workout class, wine tasting, or even new ways of expressing love, etc.

6. Love and life are difficult and challenging.

And for this reason, it’s important to dedicate the little moments we have to the most important relationship of our lives.

Managing a family, demanding jobs and also focusing on your relationship can get overwhelming at times. Even though every day is not going to be your best, you can try to make the most of it. Make sure that a lack of attention is never the cause of friction, in your relationship. Take one step at a time when it comes to paying attention to your partner and relationship. Ask them how their day was, and listen attentively when they tell you all about it. Sometimes, it’s the small things we do that make our relationship stronger.

With love,
Kyle Benson


Written by Kyle Benson
Originally appeared in Kyle Benson

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Is Your Lack Of Attention Slowly Ruining Your Relationship?
Is Your Lack Of Attention Slowly Ruining Your Relationship?

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