The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth

In the eerie silence,
You could hear
the deafening sighs
of broken hearts,
And the cries of bruised souls.

Monsters have captured the city,
Love, Hate, Fear, and Jealousy.
Oh! And there’s also the ugly Lust,
Most dangerous of them all!

I closed the windows,
shut the doors;
Hid in the darkest corner
Of my room.

Trembling, as I lay there,
Wondering if I could escape
the monsters’ stare.
I heard the voices getting louder.
I knew at once,
they were here

Realizing there’s no escape,
And with no strength to fight,
Helplessly I surrendered
Before the demons Might.

But how did they find me,
I asked curiously.
They looked at me with a scornful grin,
Snickered and laughed, calling me dim.

We have lived inside you,
From time immemorial.
We reside in your head,
Feed on your thoughts.
So where do you run?
Why do you hide?
For in this Labyrinth.
You shall forever bide~


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