The Knowledge You Seek Has Always Been Inside You

The Knowledge You Seek Has Always Been Inside You
Jaimie Mazzone

The knowledge you seek
has always been inside you.
Just turn yourself around
and take a peek inside.

Ravina Jain

Mastering the art of self-reflection

Karthik Parthasarathy

Reading myself like a book,
Just for me to get to know me,
Not the one that others get to look,
But the real me, it can set me free.

Sarrvesh Waran

Not many can read me.
Although I am an open book.
No one does it better than me.
They don’t even care to give a look.

Look into yourselves.
Read between the lines and verses.
Reach your inner galaxies and universes.

Rinku Shah

Reading enriches your mind,
Best way to unwind.
And when it’s the Self…
Definitely more intriguing
than anything on the shelf!

Henry Vincent

My interpretation of knowledge
and what lies beneath
will only be of face value
if I truly don’t understand.
The need for self-awareness!
Becomes our own truth!

Maureen Figueroa

My history, my experiences,
are the pages of my life.
As I contemplate about
how to proceed,
I must step back
and review the pages
to determine
my next chapter.

Abhishek Kothari

I was down with my life
Failed every chance I took
I never found the actual way
Unless I read myself like a book

Senthil Kumar

To know me is to read me
To read me is to love me
To love me is to realize me
To realize me is to accept me
To accept me is to explore me
To explore me is to read me…

Debra Pry

Detach yourself from reality,
And escape with words.

Sam Titi Pudumo

The greatest knowledge,
is the knowledge of SELF.

Christine Bousell

He always had his head in a book,
now he has mastered
the art how to look.

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