Knowing Happiness

Savouring the solitude that was transpiring from that evening, contemplating of things seems susceptible. Have I really not noticed these long pathways that my foot always stepped in?

As I’ve forth out those gates, my mind began to explore of many things, questions about life, people and me that would always cause my mind to stir and ponder and, fortunately, answers gradually broke out.

# You are not living your life if you’re not happy.

I mean it’s okay to be sad and depressed intermittently but if there’s too much pain, albeit there’s nothing wrong; you felt empty, albeit you have your friends; you felt suffocated, albeit there’s so much air to breathe in; you felt like you’re living in a nightmare, albeit you’re not; and you felt so mocked-up, albeit you’re true; and I think that’s enough.

You deserve none of these things. Let go of the things that make you feel so unhappy. Run away from them. You deserve more of that. Find your strength to break out from those bars. If the light is too far away chase for it and don’t let sadness, depression and all of the bad things devour you and win over you. Learn to be independent in a good way.

#If it’s not Just, let go!

Have you ever once asked yourselves if the people you’re around with are sincere with everything they have said? There are two possible answers; maybe and maybe not.

“Sometimes real friend see it in their eyes and not through asking”, a person had shared this to me and today I wonder if this person has really done this to others. Has he noticed someone who is dying inside considering that this someone is his friend?

 You wanted them to be happy because you knew for yourself that sadness was unbearable. You listen to their problems for you knew how it felt not to be heard and because it sometimes left you to be mute in everything. As the time goes by you realized that there was nothing left for you.

You’re starting to question “Why it had to be always me, the one who’s making sacrifices, the one who always care?”, “Have they noticed what was happening…?”, and “Why am I doing these things?”.

Every time you face the mirror, you see nothing but pity and it is not just. You deserve none of that. You’re not required to follow the rules of others but only yours and you have to own it. You deserve love. If it’s not just maybe it’s time to let go.

          Going back from my own reverie I say to you “We are not perfect; we are bound to make mistakes. We need to improve not for others but for ourselves and to realize our worth. We need to accept that some are worthy of letting go to liberate ourselves from pain, sadness, and depression. Te Mereces Ser Feliz (You deserve to be happy.)

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