What You Should Know When Struggling With Addiction and Depression

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If you are struggling with addiction and depression, there are certain things you should know and do.

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Do you find yourself struggling with addiction and depression? Going through depression is hard enough without adding addiction on top of it. The two are a powerful combination.
You may start to think that there is no point in getting treatment for your condition. There will be times that you want to give up and you’ll start to think of your condition as a weakness. We’re here to tell you that it’s not a weakness and you can get help.


Keep reading for a complete list of things that you should know when you’re going through depression and addiction so you can bounce back.

1. Treatment Will Help

When you’re struggling with addiction and depression it’s easy to shrug off treatment. You may feel like it won’t help you but it can. Your condition won’t go away the minute you start treatment.

It’s a process and going through it can increase your quality of life at least a little bit. It gives you support that you may not be able to find anywhere else.


2. It’s a Dangerous Combination

Depression and addiction are a dangerous combination. They are hard to deal with by themselves without putting them together.

You can go through treatment but having depression could cause you to relapse. The same can be said if you try to get help for depression. Addiction can affect your treatment.


3. Treatment Doesn’t Last Long Enough

When you’re going through this deadly combo there is a need for ongoing treatment. Not many people know that and so the treatment fails.

You can’t just go to rehab or a mental health center for a few days and be magically okay. It takes years to bounce back. Sometimes you have to go through it multiple times or look for further treatment when you get out.


4. Treatment Options Are Expanding

There is no cure-all for addiction and depression but treatments are evolving. We as a species are getting a better understanding of the illness and are developing new ways to treat it.

We’re coming up with new methods as well as creating better antidepressants to increase the quality of life.


5. It’s Not a Weakness

One of the biggest misconceptions is that both depression and addiction make you weak. Depression is a disorder that stems from environmental, biological, and psychological factors. You can’t turn that off like a light switch.

It drags you down. You may experience a loss of appetite, hopelessness, anxiety, dread, self-loathing, and yes, you could through addiction.

It’s important to know that you’re not alone and that there are many others going through it. You aren’t weak by any means.


Everything You Need to Know When You’re Struggling With Addiction and Depression

There are many misconceptions that surround addiction and depression that you may be telling yourself are correct. They aren’t. You can go get treatment, having this problem doesn’t make you weak, and treatment options are getting better.

Things aren’t as hopeless as they seem. Go seek help so you can combat this deadly combo.

Mental illnesses like addiction and depression are tough but you’re tougher. Visit our blog daily for mental inspiration to help you in your fight.

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