You Know What’s The Worst

You Know What's The Worst

You know what’s the worst? Thinking you have a chance with someone, and then realizing that you actually don’t. Wasting your time on someone. Wasting your time thinking about them every moment of the day. Wasting your time just waiting for a text or a call back. Wasting your time wondering if they feel the same way as you, wondering if they are thinking about you too. When in reality, they aren’t. While you’re making them your priority, they’re making you an option.

18 thoughts on “You Know What’s The Worst”

  1. no. the worst is having them lie to you. Not only do they not put in the effort, they apologize like the meant to do for you what you’ve done for them. Its the manipulation, the fake remorse and the unbelievable way they make you feel important. Not being a priority I can handle being told I was supposed to be while never being treated that way is the worst.

  2. Worst thing is deciding to trust your heart with someone again and being let down again in numerous ways. The damage cannot be repaired, leaves you in a place where you give up on trusting ever again. Everyone lies.

    1. Mark Bennett May be you were just a smart kid and worked it out early. Still human nature is to trust people who you let in occasionally. But they fuck you over every time.

  3. eh, it’s just dating. Take it as it comes and let it go when it’s time. If you get lucky you meet someone who doesn’t get on your last nerve and y’all make a life together. Pretty simple stuff. We like to complicate things too much.

  4. They opted or stepped back, they are ignoring or escaping not to let down again..there is difference.might be they are detaching coz their attachment ruined themselves

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