How To Know If He Loves You Enough To Commit, According To His Myers-Briggs Personality Type


ENTJs are perhaps the most confident, goal-oriented, calculating types. He is looking to create a grand lifestyle with his spouse. If he loves you, he will compliment you on your attractiveness and intelligence. He does like a chase! When he’s sure you can match his wit, and you’ll be able to grow with him, he’ll put a ring on it. There will probably be a lot of healthy discussions first.


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ESFPs are all about fun and making the most of the moment. If this is your man, he’ll be hard to tie down. If you have captured his heart, though, he’s likely to fall at first sight. He’ll have a knack for noticing what you like and will go out of his way to help you out of any mess. And, fortunately for you, he will explicitly tell you how he feels about you and where your relationship is headed. This guy will love you with his whole heart!



If your guy is an ESTJ, you’re not likely to doubt his feelings because he’s all about implementing his plans. He’s as reliable as they come. He’ll make you feel safe and stable, and he’ll protect you aggressively. If a commitment is what you want, his will be forever. It might take him a while to get to the proposal, but rest assured, he wants to get it right.


ENFPs tend to shower their lovers with warmth and their zest for life spills over onto you. Even though he’s devoted and makes you feel special, he might have one eye open, wondering if the grass is greener. When he falls hard, you’ll know if because he’ll express his love in a playful, touchy-feely way. Give him the freedom to explore his dreams, and you might even feel like you’re living in a fairytale!



Relationships are everything to the ENFJ. He’s sensitive, attentive and affectionate. He’ll want you to feel appreciated – to the point where it might even feel a bit claustrophobic! Beware of the occasional drunken ‘I love you’ text, too. If he truly loves you, it will be intense, and he won’t be able to contain it. The question is: Has he moved too fast? Take the time to make sure the match is indeed made in heaven.

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Here are some signs your guy is ready to commit based on his Introverted personality type:


This perfectionist type lives in a rich inner world. Your guy is an INTP he will be curious yet contained. He will show his love through spending time together and intellectual dialogue. That said, he might find it hard to express his emotions openly, and he’ll dance around the status of your relationship. He is just trying to find the perfect time to profess his love to you. One moonlit night he will seize the moment and draw your initials in the sand. When he acts out of character like this, you’ll know he considers you a forever couple.


ISFJs are all about serving others. Your guy will be sensitive, generous, and thoughtful. He values tradition and security, so when he is ready to commit, he will tell you that you make him feel safe. He will give you 110 percent, and want to ensure that you have everything you need. Don’t be surprised if you get a constant stream of texts throughout the day, showering you with ‘I love you’ and checking in to make sure you’re happy! 

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