You Know What Hurts So Much

You Know What Hurts So Much

You know what hurts so much? When somebody makes you feel special yesterday but makes you feel like you’re nobody today.

21 thoughts on “You Know What Hurts So Much”

  1. And that is why you don’t depend on anyone to make you feel. If someone gives you attention and says all the things you want to hear and it makes you feel good, be aware, because you shall never want to keep that attention as your own, like the river that flows so do emotions and they change all the time, so your attention should be inward. Thoughts create emotions , and thoughts change all the time in some respects and in some people! That is why it is important to not lose yourself in someone else, hard to realize and actualize that especially in persons whom are empaths and take others emotions as their own, knowing the difference and just going with the flow will make life easier! Just let it be what it is, and carry on doing what makes you happy !!! But hopefully what makes you happy isn’t depended on another soul! Life is a conundrum, always pushing and pulling, we as humans are no different than the environment we live in. Constantly changing and moving forward.

  2. no one can make you feel anything. you choose to put the power of yourself in to their field of being.
    blaming concept will take you nowhere unless you shift that field to your.own spotlight.*

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