Kissing Adds Years to Your Life

Kissing Adds Years to Your Life

Kissing is a sign that there is a new beginning to a glowing partnership, or a continuation of a connection characterized by attention, connection, and caring.

Kissing is a communication form that can transcend words and convey a feeling of appreciation, trust, support, attachment, security and even adoration.

Good-morning kisses, goodnight kisses, greeting and leaving kisses, foreplay kisses, kisses during sex, and juicy kisses just for the hell of it, are all good.

And when it comes to kissing, more is definitely better.

Kissing can restore not only emotional well-being and physical health but longevity as well.

Always available if we are awake and aware to recognize the awesome benefits, we can celebrate and rejoice in nature’s glorious gift.

Kissing Adds Years to your life

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Written by Linda and Charlie Bloom
Originally appeared in Psychology today

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Kissing Adds Years to Your Life
Kissing Adds Years to Your Life

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