The Kind Of Man You Should Date Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Kind Of Man You Should Date Zodiac Sign

The man you should date should be a child at heart who will be ready for anything under the sun from an unplanned road trip to a tickle fight in the middle of the night. He should also be reliable and always be there for you even when you call him at the oddest hours. The perfect guy will be happy to hear your voice every time you call him. He should have the ability to make you smile and laugh at any time of the day and make anything exciting whether it’s curling up to watch a horror movie or folding laundry.

You perfect man needs to be able to make you feel better even when you have a bad day. Although he doesn’t need to solve your problems he should be there to make you feel loved and valued. As a Sagittarius woman, you don’t have high demands from your man as long as he is funny, sensible, and sensual. All you want is a normal man to live a normal life full of happiness, challenges, and opportunities.

You should avoid:

Being a creative and free-spirited person, you want space in your relationship. So stay away from men who cannot respect your boundaries, need for personal space, and will probably make you feel trapped in the romantic relationship.


10. CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19) 

Date A fun-loving, hard-working man

The perfect man for you: As a Capricorn woman, you tend to be smart & serious. This is why you should date a man knows how to make you relax and have fun. However, your ideal man should also be hardworking as you connect on a deeper level with people who are a lot like you. So a fun-loving, energetic, and diligent man who can provide you a sense of security in the relationship will be perfect for you.

He should also respect your choices and your need for independence. Being a hardworking man himself, he will realize that you work hard in your career and life and will not feel insecure or neglected. The perfect guy for you will make you feel loved and wanted and will always be there for you, even when you keep things casual. He should be able to love you unconditionally even though you don’t feel like opening your heart to him immediately just to protect yourself. He will always make you feel loved and protected and patiently wait for you to open your heart to him. However, he also needs to be entertaining to help you see the lighter side of life.

You should avoid:

You will be highly incompatible with a man who is impulsive as you take decisions and actions after carefully considering and thinking about every aspect.


11. AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Date A charming, sensual man

The perfect man for you: Aquarius women deserve charming and sexually active men as they themselves are highly sensual individuals. You are a creative person and love to use your creative skills in the bedroom as well. You should date a man who is adventurous and can easily attract you using his charisma. An attractive man, both inside and outside, is the perfect match for you. He should be able to make you feel confident  and himself should be proud of you. The ideal guy needs to have the confidence to introduce you as his partner to the entire world. A passionate and charming man who is sociable will be able to keep things fun for you for a long time to come.

The perfect guy should also be able to strike up deep conversations about life, love, and you, frequently engaging in heart to heart discussions. He will talk about every single thing about you and stare deep into your eyes until your souls meet. However, he should also be a patient man and will be always there to listen to you as he will realize how truly special you are.

You should avoid:

You need to stay away from men who are driven by their ego and try to dominate and control you by using manipulative tactics as you are an independent woman.

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