The Kind Of Man You Should Date Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Kind Of Man You Should Date Zodiac Sign


6. VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Date A patient man

The perfect man for you: Women under this zodiac sign are mysterious yet thoughtful. As you find it difficult to open up to someone, you should date a man who will be patient with you. Being a Virgo woman, you have a hard time trusting people. Hence, it is crucial that your man is patient and understanding. If your man can wait for you to open up, you will surely make it worth the wait. Your ideal man should also be very humble and supportive of your life’s choices. Life is hard. So your man needs to stand by your side through the thick and thin of life. You don’t want a man who will disappear during the tough times. All you seek in a relationship are trust, support and companionship. So your man needs to be sensitive enough to nurture your delicate soft heart with love and admiration. 

You should avoid:

If your man doesn’t support you and make you feel confident, then you need to drop them fast.


7. LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

Date A loyal, open-minded man

The perfect man for you: Libra women are very motivated, stubborn and headstrong. They are also very logical individuals who analyze every situation before coming to a decision. However, it mostly depends on the people a Libra is dealing with.

Being a Libra, you should date a man who is loyal, open-minded and adaptable as it will give you the scope to be yourself. You also deserve a man who has excellent communication skills and can speak his mind confidently. You absolutely detest unclear and vague opinions and answers which leads to further anxiety. It’s not that your partner needs to be very eloquent but you need him to express his thoughts, opinions and emotions openly without being vague.

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However, the trait that you want the most in your partner is loyalty. As you are a perfectionist, you are always busy analyzing the smallest details. And you don’t need to be in a relationship that adds to your worries. Knowing that your man is loyal, keeps his promises, and will stick with you even through the toughest phases will give you the mental peace you seek so desperately. He should also be able to envision a future with you.

But most of all, you need him to be your best friend, first and foremost. You just want to go on a date with your best friend with whom you can talk openly and be your natural self. A best friend you are deeply in love with. You want your relationship to be built on loyalty, honesty, friendship, and trust.

You should avoid:

You are not interested in men who just want to keep things casual as you want a meaningful lasting relationship. As you have a big heart, you hate selfish men who only look after themselves.

8. SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Date A passionate, caring man

The perfect man for you: As you are a sexual and intense woman, you should date a man who knows how to treat you right and take care of you. You should date a man who can effectively match your level of passion both in the relationship and in life. As you tend to act first and think later, your man should be able to take good care of you. Although you know how to deal with your problems and care for yourself, your perfect man should be by your side when you really need him. When you are down or lost, he should make you feel confident and treat you like the queen you are.

He should be patient with you, know how to have fun and have the ability to make every single day memorable by doing the small things right. It is the moments that matter the most to you. And so your perfect guy should be able to create the best memories of your life without being asked. Apart from being caring, a Scorpio woman deserves a man who is as passionate as her. As you are a sexual fun loving person, a careful partner will complement your crazy nature. You need a man you deserve who will be patient with you, be forgiving, and knows how to calm you when you get a little too crazy.

You should avoid:

Being a resourceful woman, you love taking action. Hence, you need to stay away from men who are passive by nature as you will end up frustrated.

9. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Date A sensual, humorous man

The perfect man for you: The carefree and adventurous Sagittarius woman has simple needs when it comes to choosing a life partner. She wants a man who knows how to be funny and is passionate & sensual. Always open to trying something new, you need a man who is as active and fun-loving as you are. But most of all, you simply love a man who is playful, sensual and can make you laugh in any situation.

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