The Kind Of Man You Should Date Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Kind Of Man You Should Date Zodiac Sign

However, you also want him to be funny, playful and charming as well. He needs to be a fun-loving person so that he can make your adventures even more exciting. The perfect guy for you needs to have a sparkling personality and a big heart. If a man wants to win your heart, then he needs to have the whole package. He should know how to fascinate and hypnotize you and the people you care about. Your perfect man will not only be your best friend but also charm your family all the while making you feel like the special lady that you are. When he makes your heart pound, tongue-tied, blush and gives you butterflies in the stomach on a daily basis, you know you’ve got the perfect man.

You should avoid:

Being a Gemini woman, you are famous for your mood swings. If your guy is unable to handle your fluctuating moods, then it will lead to sad end for your relationship. You need a man who is patient and accepting of you.


4. CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Date A kind, sensitive man

The perfect man for you: You are a sensitive and kind-hearted woman who should date a kind man. A man who is sensitive, soft, and emotionally available like you. A man who takes care of his own feelings just like everyone else’s. Being a Cancer woman, you always want the best for your man. This is why you need to be with a man who will not take advantage of you.

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A man who is like you in many ways; a man who is sincere, honest, and loves to be his own. A man who knows how to nurture a healthy relationship. For you, the perfect guy will be the man who understands you, realizes what you’re going through in life, and doesn’t judge you. He will not think of you as being needy when take things too far, especially when you are feeling low.

The right guy for you will be your savior who will be there for you whenever you need him. You want to develop a deep emotional connection with your man and he should be able to sort things out for you when you find yourself in a mess. You should be able to lean on him no matter what the situation is. Moreover, he should also be able to handle it when you throw tantrums.

You should avoid:

As a Cancer woman, you have a difficult time with processing your emotions. If a man is not bothered about your feelings or tries to acknowledge your different emotions, then it can quickly turn your relationship toxic.


5. LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Date A motivated & flirtatious man

The perfect man for you: Your want your man to be motivated and loyal just like you. A Leo woman should date a man who is as straightforward as her but he must also be generous, know how to flirt and have fun. The perfect guy for a Leo is a confident and self-assured man. You definitely don’t want to end up with a needy insecure man who is always worried about the relationship.

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Your perfect guy will be confident about the relationship and knows how to stand up for himself and for you. As you are a strong woman yourself, you need your man to be your equal and not dependent on you. Leo women deserve men who can stand by them through thick and thin. However, he should also know how to keep things light and fun as you want him to flirt with you every single day. A flirtatious and playful guy will make sure that boredom and monotony doesn’t ruin your relationship. He will be motivated to keep things fresh and going.

You should avoid:

Stay away from any man who tries to undermine your sense of self-worth or your dignity as you deserve to be treated like a queen.

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