The Keys To United Happiness – Mind Talk

The Keys To United Happiness - Mind Talk

We tend to relate to other because we see ourselves in others, but this is true for both positive and negative aspects of our views. So if we can not trust ourselves in a situation, we can not trust the other and so forth. This is perhaps the biggest problem humanity is facing in our relations with one another. Instead of letting our fear rule us, we should learn to accept and forgive ourselves for our mistakes and move forward. But to do so, we have to do something worthy of our redemption. We often try to do it for others, and some succeed. But very few feel whole after they have changed. There is one reason for this.

“If we feel guilty there is only one true shot at redemption and self worth, and that is to do what we can for who or what we feel guilty towards. Anything less is simply running away from our own feelings.”

One Final Thing To Remember: Nothing is ever to late so long as we do not give up. That means we are not a failure until we give up and deem ourselves as failures. That means even if we failed to meet this unnecessary expectation at a specific time, we can still “believe” in ourselves and attain that goal. We can better than we ever were for what we cherish.

“They say when a tree is cut it can never be fixed, but a new tree can sprout so long as it still has its roots. They say once glass is broken it can never be the same, but you can reforge it into new glass. They say once the paper is crumpled up it can not be perfect again, but you can recycle it into a new blank sheet of paper. It is never to late to correct a mistake.”

Written by Robert-John Papakonstantinou

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2 thoughts on “The Keys To United Happiness – Mind Talk”

  1. They missed out one word right at the end there but still it’s pretty awesome this got published and posted. I feel ecstatic and hope this makes a beneficial difference in the world! =D *happy dance* =P

    Thank you The Minds Journal and John Robinson for looking into this and publishing it. I also thank you for you positive comment of calling my work brilliant. It is much appreciated! ^_^

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