The Keys To United Happiness – Mind Talk

The Keys To United Happiness - Mind Talk

They say we should keep things simple, but that is very difficult for those of us who like to think things through. I mean sure we can give multiple excuses to justify either standpoint, but the reality is we need to find the balance. It is wrong to be careless, but it is also wrong to think to deeply and get to emotionally involved if you want to have a rational and objective thought process. So here are a few thoughts on life itself that may help us through those difficult times in our life when our perceptions get the better of us.

Understanding The Difference Between Truth And Perception: Though it is true that perception is one part of reality, it is not all of it. There are positives and negatives in all things. On top of which, what we deem positive may be deemed negative by another party. One example is we deem it positive to eat an apple to survive, on the other hand it is negative to the apple. Sure we could say it is not sentient, but regardless it is living and we are consuming it’s life. But we could also plant the seeds and create a new apple tree.

The trick is to understand there are two sides to one coin. But the hard part is finding the balance (the center of the coin) between them. A coin is neither showing heads or tails, that is just our perception of it. Take for example the palms of your hands, if you press the palms together what is separating them? The obvious answer is nothing, the emptiness known as the void correct? Then that brings the next question, what is the difference between the two? The answer is nothing. This is the ultimate truth to all things.

In other words, because there are positives and negatives in all things it is neither, it is simply a neutral event. The idea of right, wrong, good and bad is a man made ideal based on our own perception. Our perception is an accumulation of beliefs based on our circumstances and thoughts. Nothing more, nothing less. Take for instance the glass of water, when it is half filled to it’s capacity we are asked if it is half full or half empty? The answer is our mentality and our perception on life. the reality of it is that it is both so it is neither. The correct answer is that it is simply half a glass of water.

“There are no negatives or positives in life, only an accumulation of neutral events that cause or create a twist in our own perception.”

Understanding How To Believe In Ourselves Positively: Now that we have understood the neutral truth, there are ways to help us stay positive and move forward in life. Because though the truth is not our perception, our personality is our perception and therefor we will have our separate beliefs on what is positive or negative. We still need to learn how to progress forward in a positive manner, part of which is accepting the objects and events around us regardless of differences in opinion, wants or needs. By this I do not mean the age old excuse that if it is not involved in my personal life it does not effect me. Which is true I might add, but not the point. We need to learn to break the boundary between beliefs and expectations. This is also involved with all our relationships with one another.

“We need to learn to believe in each other, but we must also learn to not have expectations of each other. Expectation is a cliff on which you can fall of off. Beliefs are the endless opportunities we surround ourselves with that can teach us to soar!”

Learning To Build True Strength: Now that we learned how to accept people, we need to learn the difference between individuality and being united. There is nothing wrong with being an individual, in fact I implore you to, however the issue is in how most of us do this. We feel the need to rely on ourselves so much we push each other away. But by doing this we are losing our crutch. Mainly it is due to the fear that if we need the crutch it will no longer be there. On the other hand why would something be where we did not put it?

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  1. They missed out one word right at the end there but still it’s pretty awesome this got published and posted. I feel ecstatic and hope this makes a beneficial difference in the world! =D *happy dance* =P

    Thank you The Minds Journal and John Robinson for looking into this and publishing it. I also thank you for you positive comment of calling my work brilliant. It is much appreciated! ^_^

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