The Key To Successfully Enjoying Our Lives – Mind Talk

The Key To Successfully Enjoying Our Lives - Mind Talk

Does This Mean We Should Not Give Second Chances Or Try again? No, it would be incorrect to under-appreciate any situation. There are pros and cons we must keep in mind however. If we are taking back an ex or friend or any other thing, it should be because we appreciate it for what it is today, not what it was for us yesterday.

Yes there may be a promise of change and that we will get what we needed, which is great by the way! But we are not starting fresh and we are appreciating them through the eyes of a tragic end, which will only bring about another tragic end. This means even if we forgave or understand the situation better, we can not forget it and we will not be able to move forward. Ultimately we will repeat the same mistake of under-appreciating each other once again.

“The issue is not that we have disagreements or walk different paths, it is that we under-appreciate each other. This is because we do not accept each other due to our fears caused from our pasts and directed towards our futures. If we can not live for today, we can not appreciate anything in the current moment. Live for today and the positive results will come by itself. This is because we will appreciate something enough to work towards it and be happy while doing so.”

Written by Robert-John Papakonstantinou


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    1. Urvashi Goja I have another post called The Keys To United Happiness. Check that out, there may be a few things that help. I appreciate people more than they appreciate me all the time. But you know what? It’s better than being the same person that hurt me. At least this way there is room for positive results.

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