Kernel of Mind

Kernel of Mind

Kernel of Mind

The mind is in a mood for a long walk,
With no happy faces around to talk.

Self has started to believe that loneliness is supposed to be the new normal.
Has having someone to talk to in this world become this formal?

A fear of sense of judgment has become so common; 
From color of the skin to the size of the lips, is not forgotten. 

Anxiety or depression can literally hit any skin, thin or thicker.
Whoever rises above it, is no less than a winner.

Salute to anyone dealing with bipolar disorder, or anorexia nervosa; 
Excoriation is rough, strength to someone experiencing mania;
Also, scarring can be a panic attack or any kind of phobia. 
Be kind to people dealing with any kind of stress to schizophrenia.

This is a little tribute to someone going through any kind of struggle; 
Requesting people around them to stop treating them like muggles.

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