Keep those standards high

Always up your standards. Let people try to reach them. Don’t conform to fit in. Don’t become easy for people to be with you. Don’t make yourself so available. Let people struggle to keep you. Let them up their standards to match yours. Never make it too easy for anyone. You are worth a fight. You are worth a effort. You are worth the time. Otherwise isn’t it better to be with ourselves. Our need for people keeps us so weak. And vulnerable. That anyone can treat us any which way they wish. Once you let go of that need….people will get their act together just to be with you. Just to keep you. And they better do it. You are worth every bit of attention and affection. Every bit of effort!

~ Urvashi Goja


  1. The problem is that no one ever, ever owns another! This thinking is the the door to downfall. We must respect others as whole and complete, even in the context of relationship. I am not lacking within myself, so I don't have a need to be completed by another. Since I value my wholeness, I love myself and would not tolerate being in a situation where I am not valued (as a whole and not someone else's part or parcel).

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