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Keep Shining!

Keep shining!

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Keep being you…

There is no other way around.

Live it through, let it go, and keep moving on your own paths.

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This is not about them; this is about you.

Keep shining!

Keep being you…

The brighter you become, the brighter world will be around you.

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The brighter you become, the brighter people will be attracted to you.

The brighter you become, the brighter future you’ll build.

You can be nothing or nobody only for those who had never gone the path you had;

Who had never read the books you had;

who never worked as hard and diligently as you did;

Who never paid the price you paid;

Who has no clue of how hard to gain the respect and how much harder to gain the trust;

Who is completely unaware of how valuable the moral values are and how rare the honesty is.

Keep shining!

Keep being you…

You will blindfold only those who cannot tolerate the light,

And you’ll become a ray of sunshine for those who are lost in the darkness. 

Keep shining! 

©Hermitess, 2020

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