Keep On Rising Anyway – Mind Talk

In raising your vibration you are likely to shake off some dirt.
Keep on rising anyway.
“Dirt” can be anything from friends, family, co-workers to jobs or marriages. Its never really that enjoyable, but its unavoidable. Sometimes the dirt you shake off will be welcomed to leave. Others will be a loss.
Keep on rising anyway.
You might have face to face stand offs or you might experience drifting apart. You might get fired, you might quit.
Keep on rising anyway.
You might lose lifelong friends or family members. You might suddenly find yourself the center of a witch hunt or town gossip (so to speak).
Keep on rising anyway.
You might find yourself on a very lonely path. You might find yourself the target of much animosity.
Keep on rising anyway.
You might find yourself in a leadership position unwittingly. You might find yourself surrounded by others seeking guidance and solace on their own paths of rising vibrations.
Keep on rising anyway.
You might find yourself on the edge of all your dreams come true. You might find yourself in a very new group of friends in the middle of some really amazing experiences.
Keep on rising anyway.
You might find yourself afraid of the change and the changes to come. You might find yourself afraid of failure, but more importantly afraid of success.
Keep on rising anyway.
Let the dirt fall away. Leave behind what no longer serves you. Walk away from those who do not understand you. Send peace to those who would wish you harm. You might find yourself higher and lighter than you’ve ever been.
Keep on rising anyway.
Written By Jude Klemos
Follow her page The Sentient Soul to read more from her.
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Jade Klemos
I am Jade Willow Song, Medicine Woman. Native American energy runs through my Spiritual veins. I have felt this way since my earliest memories. Indigenous ways have always spoken to the deepest parts of me. The parts untouched by illusions of time and space. In my explorations and reverence I discovered that the Native Americans believe that in spiritual evolution there are red spirits born into white skin. This is me. Jade is said to bless all that it touches. It is a special stone that is believed to promote wisdom, balance, and peace. It is a special gemstone of healing and stability, relieving anxiety and lightening emotions developed from fear. This stone is one of the many gemstones, which never allow any negative energy or negative influences to affect the individual wearing it. It does not allow the entry of any external negative vibration. It simply protects people from getting disturbed by negative influences as it continues to emit cleansing and calming aura. Jade can also establish a closer connection between the different stages of the intellectual part of the body. Hence, it improves the mental capacity of a person. My Willow medicine is identifying and remedying the thoughts, beliefs and emotional patterns that do not support you in living the spiritual destiny you were meant to live. I treat dis-eases of the Spirit. I do this by facilitating self-awareness through assisted self-exploration and discovery.I hold space for those who need it. I have a loosely structured program, yet it remains purely organic. No two journeys will look the same.Sometimes, it looks like coaching. Sometimes it looks like healing. Sometimes it looks like mirroring. Sometimes it looks like stillness.
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