You have no shame

And you will never take the blame.

Karma is coming for you, just out of the blue.

You made my life hell and tried to leave me a shell.

But something inside me told me I would live to tell.

People see one side of your taboo, which is not the real you.

But when the day dawns, I will be long gone.

A monster in disguise, a devil unknown.

Some are not that silly to not realize the true unknown.

When no one is around, you are a master at making others feel down.

But the time is near and everything is so clear.

You can steal and destroy, and treat one like a toy.

Use and abuse, until nothing left to re-use.

Keep mocking and mocking, but the clock is tick-tocking.

Your day is here, and my freedom is near.

Everything that was done will be totally clear.

One day you may find your own soul,

And realize your scars left its toll.

It’s easy to forgive, but not to forget

The day you left me.

Living in regret…

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