What a strong word “karma”. What goes around always comes around. Do good and good you shall receive. Do bad and that’s the problem.

I am a true believer in karma and it always serves me well. Sometimes  people hurt us intentionally or unintentionally but since i believe in karma i know that it will serve me well.

What if we get hurt by the people we love the most? The person we thought loved us more than anything in the world and could never do anything to hurt us. Do we wish them karma? Yes they hurt us, yes they destroyed everything we had. But what if we see them draining in their own world. Should we pull a hand and help them after all what happened? What if they are not listening to us in the first place. Do we leave them in the middle on nowhere? We are hurt as well so we want to hurt them like they did to us. If we help them they will think that we are weak they will be thinking that we can’t live without them and if we don’t and we turn our back and leave will we be happy of what they have became? Those people once meant the world to us. We wished them the best things in life.. we cared for them. Can we accept to leave them and come back after few years telling them “see i was right”. You are going to tell me who are you to predict the future? who do you think you are a saint and nobody can touch you? No i am not a saint but i was hurt and i know that karma will do her job.

Should we step on our heart that was burned and help out the one who burned it or should we show no mercy?

Whether you decide to help or leave is up to you. The hurt will be back it depends on whether you are going to be watching closely or from far away.

And that my friends is called “Karma”


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