Is Your Mom A Karen? 7 Signs She Will “Speak To The Manager”

is your mom a karen

2. They hate everything they aren’t familiar with

And that includes people. Karens do not have an open mind towards the external world and are angry or afraid of things that are alien to them. They live safe lives and stay within their comfort zone. Hence, they are usually not world-weary. As they live inside a bubble, they are not open to the real world which makes them intolerant towards people from different ethnicities. They believe everyone should be white and if you’re not white then you have no rights (wow, that almost rhymes). So whether it is a black child playing in the neighborhood or a hispanic staff at a restaurant, the Karen will have a problem with them for no reason. 

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3. They love drama

If your mom loves to display her annoyance and irritation publicly, then most likely she is a Karen. Studies show that narcissists have a strong inclination towards displaying dramatic behavior. So it makes sense that creating chaos and annoying everyone to attract attention towards themselves and belittling others are their drug of choice. Shouting at people, demanding to speak to people in charge, protesting for their “rights” (read entitlement), and acting like the victim are their favorite weapons to get that attention and feel superior.

4. They are know-it-alls

Whether they are actually well educated or illiterate, they strongly believe that they know everything about everything and they know it best which makes everyone else on this planet WRONG! They know how the system works, they know about politics, they know about the law, they about the vaccines, they know how that coupon works, they know how that food is cooked, and they know how everyone should behave and do their jobs. They Karens know everything. Welcome to KNN – The Karen News Network.

5. They always deserve the BEST cause they are entitled

If a restaurant or a store fails to provide exceptional, outstanding and beyond their call of duty service to the almighty entitled white woman, they will have to face the wrath of Karen! They want their order perfectly delivered – just the way they prefer it and they want it fast. And if, god forbid, something is even a little bit off – you know what comes next – incessant complaining, shouting, demanding and insulting. How dare they stand before the queen with such incompetence! It’s time….

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6. They speak to the manager

This is why Karens wake up from sleep every single day. To speak to the manager! You’ve seen the videos. You know what I mean. The almighty Karen does not want to talk to the ignorant, incomptent staff. They are simple peasants who are beneath her. The entitled white woman deserves to talk to someone in charge! The manager or the corporate executive! Why? Because they are white and the company exists because of “their money”. I swear I am not making this up!

7. They are ALWAYS the victim

I am pretty sure “911” is their most dialled number. So if you dare to cross her path or refuse to bow down to her whims get ready for The Call! If you think speaking to the manager is the Karen Pro version, then calling the cops is the Karen Pro Plus version. They will call the authorities for absolutely anything (even when the black kid is playing on the curb and minding his own business) and make up stories and completely change the facts to appear as the victim. And unfortunately, due to racial stereotypes, she often gets the cops to believe her. This is one of the main reasons why Karens hate camera phones so much because it exposes their lies!

Yeah, we’re just tapping the tip of the iceberg here. There are many other signs that can help you to call out a Karen, even if they’re your own mother. Take a look –

  • They think they are special, privileged and unique
  • They are easily offended
  • They are desperate for attention
  • They are sexually repressed
  • They always make every issue about themselves
  • They tend to have an out-of-fashion bob cut hairstyle
  • They claim they are always misunderstood
  • They are mostly middle-aged and suburban
  • They lack empathy and compassion 
  • They have an arrogant behavior or attitude 
  • They can come from any financial background
  • They can’t take criticism or rejection
  • They have to win every argument

If your mom shows most of these signs, then I am sorry to say it kid, but your mom is probably a Karen. But you already doubted that! Didn’t you? 

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