Just like stars in the sky youth passes before our eye

Just like stars in the sky
Youth passes before our eye.

When my childhood bids adieu
The adult in me always has its residue.

Facing the sands of time

Our life does pass,
Like an hour glass
Of time measured in sand,
Not in our hand.
The number of grains,
It contains.
It’s pre- set
With plans to be met,
From birth when it begun
Up until death till it’s finally done.
Our days are numbered.
Make it count!

Sleep, little baby, dream of stars
outside of space and time.
For slowly, slowly,
the Sandman’s magical sand
falls from your lullaby eyes
Until the passing years have left you
old and tired and wise.

Time is an illusion.
Moving through the passage of time,
everything changes
the new becomes old,
the fresh becomes stale,
the young becomes old,
the small becomes big.
And then the reverse cycle begins.
It continues like this.
I wonder whether we are moving
with the time
or are stuck in time?

Anjana Surendran

Flickering times and tides
Surpassing lessons so wide
In nutshell all so quiet
Still stormy inside.

Karthik Parthasarathy

The journey from start to end,
The time that we are going to spend.
Always on the move,
Never stops for us to prove.
Once lost is lost forever,
Use the Now, that’s what is clever.
Now is all we have got,
Use it wisely, let it not rot.


Frankie Crabtree

From young to old
Our lives slowly unfold.
Like grains of sand
Trickling down a hand.
Memories come and go
Some too fast; others much too slow.
Until one day, out of the blue
The one in the mirror doesn’t look like you.
For that youthful face has turned to old
And now memories are all you have to hold.

Debra L Laing

I spy
With seasoned eye,
The child I used to be.
As sands of time flow swiftly past,
Like waves upon the sea.

Ravina Jain

This hourglass of your life is nothing~
but an art of mastering
how to keep your soul young,
For old age is nothing
but a second childhood,
Wrinkled with it’s own
‘Tales of wisdom’~

Sulekha Pande

We start degenerating,
from the moment we’re born,
bit by bit, drop by drop,
the potion of life is gone,
from infancy till old age,
we keep losing it page by page,
all we get in one lifetime,
are lessons for our souls,
life after death, death after birth,
is the eternal cycle of life and rebirth,
we all have to play a role.

Anita Bowden

The thoughts of the child
are the foundation for the thoughts
of the adult through time.
What the adult sees through time
is the impact of its inner child
but what the child sees
is unrestricted possibility
without concern for time.
The child is free to live in the present,
while the adult sees everything
through the filter of the child.

Debra Pry

The mind’s eye sees the journey
within the soul.
From birth to death,
We will always seek the answers..
Because the journey never ends.
Time is the moments we experience.

Anita Pendergrass

Like sands through the hour glass!
So are the days of our lives!

Sherry Greene

Enjoy the place
That takes up space
From our first breath
Until our death.

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