Just Because It Didn’t Last Forever, Doesn’t Mean It Wasn’t Love

What I am telling you here is, that you should change your mindset regarding the concept of true love. Your love need not be like the perfect love stories that end happily ever after.

It’s your love story; it can always be unique and different. It doesn’t matter how long you both have been in love. You can call it love as long as both of you have felt a strong bond of love, compassion, care, and forgiveness when you were together.

You don’t need an eternity to prove that you both are or were in love. Sometimes, couples who live together till death don’t feel that spark even once; so, you can realize that being in love successfully has got nothing to do with the number of years or forever.

One Day we will all find our true love. During our quest to find that one person, we might meet many people and fall in love with them.

And all those love stories are special. all of them touched our life in a special manner. These love stories maybe not forever but those precious moments will leave a mark which will be with us forever.

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Just Because It Didn’t Last Forever, It Doesn’t Mean It Wasn’t Love
Didn’t Last Forever

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