Just connect, touch me, reassure me, we are not alone

Just connect, touch me, reassure me, we are not alone

Karleen Hilton 
At the end of the day 
we are all the same,
Searching, reaching for some one.
Take my hand, hold me close, 
not here to blame,
Just connect, touch me, 
reassure me, we are not alone

Rinku Shah 
My mind gave yours a high five,
Immediately we felt alive.
Mind connections are rare.
To cherish them is only fair.
Let’s fiercely appreciate and nurture this.
Something we can never miss.
You instantly know who they are,
Difficult to stay afar!

Karthik Parthasarathy 
Reaching out to each other,
in times of need,
Ego might stop us from moving further,
Our mind would pay no heed,
No wonder we are friends forever,
When in need, we are friends in deed.

Esther Dawn Ramírez 
No matter how much distance 
we have between each other, 
our minds will always be attached
Because in this life, 
maybe we couldn’t make it
But our souls know 
that we belong together. 
We are still connected.

Anna Marie Brown 
Our minds trying to connect 
with each other. 
To become one, as a whole. 
To be spiritually connected.

Debra Pry 
Connecting with someone 
of the same mindset, 
is priceless.

Divyatuli Garg 
We parted ways 
but in our minds 
we are always near 
and longing to connect again.

Sulekha Pande 
A connection that’s rare,
you can’t compare,
it’s not that faces count,
it’s the souls that surmount.

Francis Chinonso Amobi 
Two people with like mindset 
attract each other regardless 
the distance and difference

Kranti Hadke 
Mind connection

Samantha Simmons 
Longing to make 
a connection


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