Just Because A Thing‬⁣⁣

Just because a thing‬⁣⁣

Just because a thing‬⁣⁣
‪• entertains you ‬⁣⁣
‪• taste good to you‬⁣⁣
‪• feels good to you‬⁣⁣
‪• invites you in‬⁣⁣
‪• looks good to you‬⁣⁣
‪— doesn’t mean it’s good for you.‬⁣⁣

‪Walk in higher discernment, wisdom,‬⁣⁣
‪and purpose this year.‬⁣⁣

‪—Lalah Delia

Written by The Minds Journal Editorial

The Minds Journal is a platform that brings together writers and readers from across the world and share thoughts that promote self development.

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