Just be YOU

Just be YOU

We are all running from ourselves, we are running from the past and our eternal fears and insecurities. If we stop and listen and observe instead of running and ignoring the problems in which enslaves the mind. If they tell us the end of the world is upon us, we do not run,
we do not have fear. We embrace the unknown and dive into the shadows and recreate ourselves.

We get back what we put in if you never change then we will always be afraid.
We must put on our armor and fight back! We tell the universe what our desires are and what we want to become.
We give gratitude to everything we have and to thank them for the lesson and trials and tribulations in which has helped us grow and to evolve.
To evolve to our highest self, the self in which loves without condition, without judgment, and without fear. To walk through the shadows and open the door to the unknown.
To dive into to,
to embrace it to feel it and to rise from the fires of hell and come out reborn into our true self.
To have the courage to overcome our own thoughts and to change with intention,
to not hold back and stop thinking about your dreams but make your dreams happen.
When we align back to the source which is pure love and light, we can implant ourselves into the grid in which the energy is free and forever flowing. To tap into the magic,
to tap into the universe and align with the cosmos.
To flow like the water, to fly like the wind and move forward, vulnerable and trust that everything does happen for a reason. In which the answers always come to you in the end and makes you realize this statement is very true.
We must stop and embrace it all and most importantly to be able to be the unconditional love and light in which we are. To help others on our journey, to connect to our soul tribe.
To give up everything that no longer serves a purpose in our life. Be it friends, relationships, jobs. Let go and go with the flow, be the ebb and flow and feel and be the pulse of life in which everything exists. Only then can truly be our authentic self that our soul craves to thrive, learn and grow and heal from within.By doing this we make a ripple effect through time and space that affects the collective consciousness of humanity. By finding ourselves, it creates another link and the chain reaction needed for all to come together and truly change this world. We are all different because there is only one of you and me. However, together we are all needed.
Only collectively as one can we thrive and help heal the world, the earth and be apart of the universe and all that is beautiful and worth fighting for. We are worth fighting for our self-worth,
our soul is worth finding for, humanity is worth it. There is good in everyone, you just need to know how to look and how to not judge the book by its covers. So rise with me like a phoenix from the ashes let us be reborn into our authentic self!   

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