Jupiter In Scorpio – A New Era Has Started!

Jupiter In Scorpio – A New Era Has Started!

On October 10, 2017, Jupiter has entered Scorpio and it will remain there until November 8, 2018. Also, from the 9th of March until July 11, it will be in retrograde motion.

The danger of exhaustion:

Scorpio is a restless zodiac, and Jupiter enlarges, so Jupiter will enlarge this aspect of the sign for all of us. Being active is nice, but Jupiter in Scorpio can drive as to the point of exhausting ourselves. The period that holds the greatest risk for this to happen is from April 29 to May 19. Of course, there will be other shorter periods, but as this one lasts for a good 20 days we must be extra careful during that time. Even worse, Jupiter will be retrograde during that time.

Cleansing Brings Growth:

Scorpio rules death and resurrection and these aspects will be enlarged by Jupiter’s presence there. This will compel us, or force us when Jupiter is stressed, to clean up our lives. It’s a very Saturn-like influence, but it will be done more pleasantly, and we will be able to see the benefits of it. Most of the times, even during the cleansing. There is a need to “kill” the negative and burdening things, relationships and aspects of our lives, in order for new beneficial and pleasant things and occasions to take their place. This is a common truth. While Jupiter transits Scorpio, this truth will be much too obvious and, occasionally, demanding. Do this voluntarily, and Jupiter will bring forth even more growth.

Take a look at your things. Ask yourself if you need them if you enjoy them if they serve you and please you anyhow. If they don’t, then either throw them away or gift them. Gifting them to people who may need them, brings, even more, blessings, so choose this when possible. If you have things you want and please you, but you don’t use them and enjoy them, start doing so. Otherwise, they are a burden, and they block new blessings from coming your way.

Do the same with your activities, hobbies, and routines. Do they serve you, or do you serve them? If the latter is the truth, change them or release yourself from them. Do the same with old wounds and negative emotions. The latter fall even more under the power of Scorpio. Do the same with your relationships. If they are not fulfilling, but time and energy consuming instead, heal them, change them, or end them. This may sound harsh, but it will, eventually, happen even if you don’t do it yourself. It will happen, though, in a more unpleasant way. Even if you can “cheat” the Caring Teacher, the Strict one, Saturn, eventually will come there and make a mess. You don’t want this to happen.

The more you are cleaning an aspect of your life, the more blessings will come your way. By gifting things you don’t need, new, more fulfilling things will come. By freeing yourself from destructive or negative relationships, new happier, healthier and more fulfilling relationships will come. Jupiter in Scorpio will act as a vacuum power, mightily trying to fill in the “gap” you are creating.

Death and Resurrection:

Not only “small deaths”, but strong and wide ones can take place. We can change and reform ourselves completely under the influence of Jupiter in Scorpio. We can reborn ourselves anew, the way we want to be. Now, we can “kill” the person we have been until now, and bring forth the person we wanted and meant to be. Don’t worry. Jupiter in Scorpio will ease our way in achieving such great changes.

sex and Emotions:

Scorpio is known as the ruler of sex. It is also the zodiac that rules deep emotions. Both these energies of Scorpio will be magnified during Jupiter’s transit.

sexual energy is getting stronger and greater and it raises. The way we will feel this, depends, of course, on our individual case. Our sex drive can be heightened. Our will to engage in sexual acts can also be heightened. Sometimes this can become an obsession. sexual affairs can become meaningful, sometimes surprisingly so. Enriching our sexual activity in an existing relationship can help the relationship to become stronger and healthier. We connect through sex. Our greater need to bond helps even more.

Our emotions become strong and important. We want to share them and express them. We want the important people in our lives to receive them and appreciate them. And we want these important people to return them. This happens in our romantic relationships, of course, but not only there. Friendships, parent-child relationships and all forms of relationships receive this influence. Emotional happiness is the root of every healthy relationship, and this becomes obvious while Jupiter transits Scorpio.

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