The Journey Is Always Within

The Journey Is Always Within
Hrisha Paul

The journey is always within.
Carrying the suitcase
of bittersweet experiences,
he set the journey
towards a new dawn
where sufferings die
and joy is born.

Sarrvesh Waran

The journey we all must undertake
is within ourselves…

Ravina Jain

We live a meaningful life,
yet it seems so hollow,
In our minds~ we are all travelers,
with our own trails to follow!

Sam Titi Pudumo

I’m a nomad,
on an endless quest
to discover myself.
Solitude is my only solace.
I’m never alone,
I’m all the company that I need.

Karthik Parthasarathy

The journey of my life
A long way to go still
Lots of internal strife
Playing on my will
I will still go on
Many a thing to achieve
Will never be my mind’s pawn
All I have to do is believe.

Rinku Shah

Finally, I walked alone,
On a path unknown.
Felt I was on track,
Nothing did I lack.
The light within
was beckoning
I think it was time
for some reckoning!

Jaimie Mazzone

There I went walking down
the railroad tracks,
losing my mind and
coming out the other side.
Only to find I was running
from myself this whole time.

Anindya J Ganguly

Along the sense
of my frailed existence
I walk down the track
of a forgotten lane
Hoping for the twilight
to swallow me in
I walk towards the sunset
of a revered dawn
To discover once again
my true identity
Which in the swindles of time
has been Lost.

Sherry Greene

I’m thinking, deeply
About moving on.
I dream, weepily,
Of things not done.
I allowed being bound
Instead of being free
And inside now I’ve found
There is much more to me!

Glor Roulette

Close your eyes
and your journey will begin.

Theresa Brewer

The Journey of the Soul.

Sulekha Pande

I’m on an inner journey,
I see the path,
I might find myself one day.

Ramya Raghuraman

Open your mind
Close your eyes
Envision your goal
The path will unfold

Wanda Hill

Traveling my own
personal journey.

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