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Jargon Of Love

Jargon Of Love

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It’s suddenly transparent that I’m no longer a dreamer. The vitality of our partnership prevails over apprehension. If I decided to write a memoir, you’re the first one I’d be obliged to praise. You are liable for unearthing the best version of me, a proprietor of my development. The sole proprietor of my heart and soul.

I now take ownership of charismatic features. I call it – escapism of a silhouette. My intention is to escape into you, vivaciously adrift in your universe. Aware that your gravitational pull materializes an inseparable bond. A passion that very well leaves me pleasantly stupefied.

Your warmth was enough to make my frigid heart evade its fate of an everlasting arctic habitat. Your smile was enough to put the stress to rest. Your touch was enough to animate a library and shut down the voices.

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