Jackal Of All Trades

Jackal Of All Trades

He locks on his target quickly when he smells fear, cornering his prey in a small space; he smiles when he sees cowering, laughs when he hears screams and attacks when he sees squirming.

Black, hollow holes where his eyes should rest were coming closer, the odor protruding out his pores stained my nose and turned my stomach sour. I couldn’t turn away, I couldn’t scream.

He wasn’t a monster hiding in the shadows, or in your deepest, darkest imagination playing tricks on you; he was much worse. Sleeping is the only escape. Not your sleep— his.

One can always sense when he comes around— a cold and sharp tingle races down your spine and sends both hot and cold chills all through the body. He’s a mastermind, of sorts; making those who he feels are weaker than him, shatter beneath his narcissistic and manipulative tactics.

When he curled his lips to form what seemed like a smile– decaying, jagged and rotting teeth covered the inside of this mouth. His voice was cracked, with almost a raspy edge to it; but what he said to the one he treats so detrimentally, was much worse than anything he could ever do physically…

The words he spoke were nothing faint of heart, nothing one would take lightly; but something anyone wants and needs to hear in their life. He makes his victim feel it, live it, make sure that he is in full trust– manipulating his way into every part of the mind, to have complete and ultimate control of not only the thoughts– but one’s entire life.

Soon enough, he starts to fall; he gets scared and can’t get his grasp of the power he once held so vilely overhead. He has lost. But it won’t be long before he rises once again— holding his favorite victim too close for anyone’s comfort.

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