I’ve Met People Trapped In Crowds

I’ve met people trapped in crowds
Who think that “space” means you’re alone,
Who find their silence too deafening
To spend much time on their own,
They ask how I can hear the whispers
If I stand back from the crowd,
But surely whispers are drowned out
When where you’re standing is so loud?
If all you see of those around you
Is the back of someone’s head,
Don’t you think the bigger picture
Would mean so much more instead?
Just like you can’t find constellations
By looking at a single star,
Sometimes the world does not make sense
Until you watch it from afar,
Space does not mean you’re empty
It just means you’ve room to grow,
It doesn’t mean you must be lonely,
For there’s more people you can know,
Because the space between two beats
Just shows you have a working heart,
And it’s the only way to tell
If you’re apart or a part.



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