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It’s Gotten To A Point Where I’m Not Even Surprised Anymore

Its Gotten To A Point Where Im Not Even Surprised Anymore

It’s gotten to a point where I’m not even surprised anymore.  I’m not surprised by the way some people treat me or how low they can get. Promises keep getting broken and I’m not phased. They change their mind more often than not, and I’m not shaken.  Sometimes they don’t promise you anything, in fact, they do the opposite- by telling you ‘don’t have any expectations’, and that’s what confuses me the most.  I laugh at the irony because a person can treat you as though you mean the world to them but then brush it off in an instant, as though it doesn’t mean anything.  But I keep telling myself that I’ve been through it once, so I can go through it a hundred times more and not break, because no one can hurt me as much as the first time.  And I guess that’s why I’m at a point where losing people is no longer as heart breaking as it used to be, because when you stop giving people parts of yourself, losing them no longer means that you’re losing you.

-Ruby Dhal


Cheryl Payne

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