It’s Funny How Many “friends” You Lose

It's Funny How Many friends

It’s funny how many “friends” you lose when you stop reaching out to them first

14 thoughts on “It’s Funny How Many “friends” You Lose”

  1. Avatar of Lakshya Vijay Bhardwaaj

    It is necessary. Sometimes you should withdraw in order to find the credibility of that friendship. Many people are just enjoying your efforts of keeping the friendship alive, make sure to find out about their efforts towards that friendship. Find out whether they text you first or not. If not then congratulations you just found out an imposter.

  2. Avatar of Glenys Houghton

    That your sudden withdrawal could make them think that you are not bothered,,,, might be worth considering. Real friends are always there tomorrow or in 30 yrs. You just don’t have to speak to them every ten minutes of the day!

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