It’s Become Such A Rarity To Meet Someone Who’s Completely Vulnerable

It's Become Such A Rarity To Meet Someone Who's Completely Vulnerable

It’s become such a rarity to meet someone who’s completely vulnerable and honest with who they are. When you find somebody who boldly throws themselves out there, appreciate it. Too many people are busy putting on a show, acting as if they are better than everyone instead of focusing on the bigger picture. Listen, we all have baggage. All of us have done and said things we don’t like, but that’s life. You can’t take it back but can move forward. We can be honest about it and still keep it moving. I dig anybody who has the ability to be real, with not only themselves but with others as well. honesty is attractive. I never would of thought beating around the bush, lowering standards, and playing games would actually keep people coming back for more. I don’t know what that’s about, but all I know is there’s nothing better than someone who comes with a pleasant smile and a positive vibe.
– Melissa Molomo


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17 thoughts on “It’s Become Such A Rarity To Meet Someone Who’s Completely Vulnerable”

  1. I request The Mind’s Journal to make a quote pic with just the first two lines from the above picture, because the rest of it is somewhat marring the impact those words create…

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