It’s all about what you feel you deserve

It's all about what you feel you deserve

It’s all about what you feel you deserve. If you know you deserve somebody worth loving unconditionally, those who took you for granted were just chances to grow. If you know you deserve happiness and truth, all the liars were just lessons learned. If you know you’re worth the effort, the ones who fell off are just time saved. It takes going through a couple bad situations in order for us to value the chance to treasure a good one. The secret is learning not to take that chance for granted, especially when it’s right in front of your face. Accept that you won’t always pick the best ones, some people are easy to care for but hard to be with. The key is not letting the disappointments get you jaded. If you’re a woman whose lost hope in men because you gave the wrong one too many chances, you’re playing yourself. If you’re a man who has given up on trusting because a few people have been un-loyal, you’re cheating yourself. You’re not a failure at love; your experiences have just prepared you to love better… Whenever your time comes. – @RobHillSr

Your experiences have just prepared you to do better


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