Love Chemistry

Love Chemistry

Hope the day comes soon

I can see you again

Like a star, I shall be smiling to the moon

While I let go off my pain.

If you flip the pages, you won’t see much

Spring came yet flowers didn’t bloom

Summer was quick & winter was as such

Every rain hit the ground like a fume.

Every night when I close my eyes

I see your face in the crowd

No matter black or white, no matter truth or lies

I realize a dream only disperses like a cloud

I sit by the window and watch the nightly sky

But my feelings ebb like a tide

Cause I still miss my firefly

My only love and my pride.

Hope we can make it one day

Turn every chaos of our hearts into a melody

And hope that we both find a way

To untangle this love chemistry.

-By Arun Bahadur Gurung

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