It Will Probably Happen. 6 Months From Now

It Will Probably Happen 6 Months From Now

It will probably happen. 6 months from now, when you finally feel like you can breathe without thinking of him; he will call. And suddenly all the air will be sucked out of you and your fingers will shake and you will have to remind yourself you’ve already let go. You will have to drop your phone, because if you hold it for one second too long you will answer it. And baby answering will only lead to more sleepless nights and unanswered questions.  So Don’t. Close your eyes and pretend it never happened. Count to ten and make yourself some coffee, not because it’s your favorite drink, but because the smell will soothe you. Don’t answer his call. He’s doing it to make sure he still has a hold on you.  Don’t let him have that kind of satisfaction, he wasn’t worth it then and he sure is not worth it now.

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