It Wasn’t The Gift That Made Me Smile


It wasn’t the gift that made me smile, it was the proof you were thinking of me.

18 thoughts on “It Wasn’t The Gift That Made Me Smile”

  1. yes you are always thought of…so hard to choose something for someone like you who have everything and have all the means to buy what you want…i feel happy when i give and is appreciated cause i really spend a lot of time thinking what to give, sometimes u've been into 4 malls and found nothing,
    actually i'm in that situation…can i just wrap my love for you??? that will be very expensive more expensive than gold…it's priceless cause i don't just give my heart to anyone…the question is will you accept my heart as a gift.
    he he he Lol

  2. It is good that people recognize that. I am always trying to reinforce that to my children. I go out of my way to give gifts to show my love….and some just reject them and whine, "But that's not what I wanted"! Misses the entire point and is immature. I appreciate every gift that I receive more and more as the months, years pass……. for what it signifies. I hear the thought loudly. <3

    1. I have had gifts that I have given from the purest heart returned to me with no explanation ….and intercepted by someone in my family who didn't want me to be hurt! And I only found out much later. Which made me feel twice as mistreated…… ha….c'mon: REALLY? (Shaking my head….) My life is stranger than fiction. But I'm over it.

  3. 😀 …that gift can be your favorite food, car or phone call to just say "hey, I had you on my mind"
    It's your authentic time & you actually being fully present in heart-mind-word-actions that is the greatest gift we give each other~ everything else material wise~ simply pushes that 'over the top' awesome!!!!

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