It Didn’t Hurt Me

It Didn't Hurt Me

“It didn’t hurt me. Not “hurt”. Hurt is a four letter word. It’s short, almost cute sounding. Aawwww, did that hurt? No. It didn’t hurt. Destroyed, Obliterated, Desecrated, Annihilated, Demolished, Shattered, or Demoralised maybe… But no. It didn’t hurt me.  It didn’t “hurt” me at all.”

–  Ranata Suzuki

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1 thought on “It Didn’t Hurt Me”

  1. I feel what you are communicating. Hurt is a simple thing, a simple feeling – destroy – crush- all the words that you used that describe the kind of shattering of the soul just aren’t that simple. I’m just now crawling out from underneath that weight of emotionality. How one person can allow themselves to inflict such piercing emotionality, I will never comprehend. How does one individual walk away when so many things are unanswered? Leaving behind such a wake of misunderstanding. Who can answer these queries but the one who inflicted them upon your soul? All that can be done is to wonder no more and accept having no real answers other than what you know you feel. Nothing will ever change what I feel, I know what I experienced despite tight-lipped abandon. Actions speak so much louder than words and hearts do project warmth of feeling. Deny all one feels is necessary – just don’t forget – I was present when it was life. I will never forget.

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