Is Your Partner A Potential Cheater? Take This Infidelity IQ Quiz To Find Out

partner potential cheater

(A U) 2. Socializing frequently without your partner.

(A U) 3. Frequently sharing the most important part of your day with another person.

(A U) 4. Sharing a hobby or pastime with an attractive person. 

(A U) 5. Spending private time with an attractive friend or colleague.

(A U) 6. Showing non-sexual physical affection to an attractive friend.

(A U) 7. Greeting an attractive friend with a kiss.

(A U) 8. Spending time with people who do not like your partner.

(A U) 9. Talking about your private relationship issues with others.

(A U) 10. Having private email relationships of a flirtatious nature.

(A U) 11. Flirting with other people.

(A U) 12. Being secretly infatuated with someone over a period of time. 

(A U) 13. Kissing another person romantically with no sexual contact. 

(A U) 14. Sexual contact with another person that does not include genital sex.

(A U) 15. Sexual contact with another person that does not include intercourse.

(A U) 16. Professing love/infatuation to another without physical sexual contact.

(A U) 17. Having sexual intercourse with another person without emotional involvement.

(A U) 18. Being involved emotionally and physically with another person as a way of improving your marriage/relationship.

(A U) 19. Being involved with another person while keeping it a secret.

(A U) 20. Both of you having partners outside of your marriage/relationship. 

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Scoring Key

Items 1-5: As benign as these activities might seem, with any “acceptable” (A) answer for behaviors 1-3 you should be alert to the bonding nature of shared time and intimate conversations.

An (A) for 4 or 5 is a little more serious, since fun and privacy further deepen the connection.

Infidelity Quiz Items 6-10: Any (A) item in this group constitutes a warning.

6 and 7: There is no such thing as non-sexual physical affection when you are attracted to the other person or he/she is attracted to you.

8: Beware of the negative influence other people can have on your relationship.

9: Be sure you are not missing an important opportunity to deepen your love with your partner by using another as your confidant.

10: Private flirtatious email conversations are one of the most common paths to infidelity.

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Infidelity Quiz Items 11-15: You have crossed into the infidelity zone.

11: Flirting means you are available.

12: The fact that an infatuation extends over a period of time indicates you are feeding it.

13: Romantic kissing is the doorway to sexual infidelity.

14 and 15: How would you like it if your partner did either of these? 

is your partner potential cheater
Is Your Partner A Potential Cheater? Take This Infidelity IQ Quiz To Find Out

Infidelity Quiz Items 16-20: These behaviors destroy relationships.

16: Emotional intimacy is just as serious a threat as physical intimacy.

17: It is nearly impossible to have ongoing sex with someone without forming an attachment.

18: Often used to justify infidelity, this still poses a significant threat.

19: Secrets fan the flames of passion, and are a source of looming stress for the unknowing partner.

20: Though some couples choose this arrangement, it is extremely difficult to maintain over a period of time.

What’s Your Infidelity IQ? Is your partner a potential cheater? Let us know in the comments. Feel free to share the infidelity IQ quiz with your friends.

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Is Your Partner A Potential Cheater? Infidelity IQ Quiz
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Is Your Partner A Potential Cheater? Take This Infidelity IQ Quiz To Find Out
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