Is He Worth The Wait?

Is He Worth The Wait?

Believe me just because he is not beside you doesn’t mean you don’t cross his mind. Every night before he falls asleep you’re the last thing he thinks of.

You don’t ever need to censor yourself, you don’t need to hide your true self, that’s not how you find love. He will love you for what you are when he is ready, your insecurities and fears won’t bother him, don’t speculate, and don’t try to be someone you’re not. Speak your mind and follow your heart, honor your feelings, and this way you honor yourself and your relationship.

Also do realize that there is a fine line between a man who is not interested and a man who is not ready, spot the difference.

You need to trust yourself and your love. Trying to replace him just for the sake of filling that void in your heart will not serve in your best interest.

It’s easy to let go and really difficult to hold and wait but none ever said easy is the right choice. It’s not at all easy to forget this man who now rules every corner of your heart, doesn’t make sense, its okay love isn’t supposed to make sense anyway.

Though he is not ready he will never ask you to wait for him, but it doesn’t mean he won’t get hurt thinking of you in another man’s arm. It’s all about honoring yourself and your choices. The more you love yourself the more you love your choices and the love.

The choice is always yours. If you truly love him how can you even be with another man? So do you really even have a choice?

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It’s never easy and how it ends is never sure but it’s your choice to determine if he is worth the wait.

Is He Worth The Wait?
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