5 Reasons You Should Listen To Your Intuition More Often

3. Intuition opens new paths to us.

By also helping us to identify positive signs in our lives, intuition opens new doors to us when we least expect it.


4. Intuition guides us and helps us to make wise decisions.

By allowing us to know what decisions to make and when, intuition helps us to achieve a measure of confidence and peace of mind, assisting us in following paths that are true to ourselves; paths with heart.


5. Intuition helps us to live fulfilling lives.

Truth hurts, but truth also helps us wake up to the false, corrupted, delusional lives we sometimes lead, and choice we occasionally make. Intuition is a bringer of truth, and thus a bringer of change and transformation. When we listen to it, we make decisions that ultimately help our lives to be genuine and fulfilling.


The Soul’s GPS

So how can we listen to our intuition in order to lead more happy and whole lives? I’ve asked the same question many times. Here is what I’ve learned:

    • Learn to trust your intuition by listening without judgment. Most of us, myself included, have a terribly strong Critic inside of us that loves to analyze and nitpick everything to death. Listening to your intuition isn’t about simply paying attention to it, it’s also about allowing it to say what it must without us undermining it. The more we get into the habit of listening without judgment, the easier it will be to seriously take into consideration what our instinct is trying to tell us.
    • Be discerning. I’ve often mistaken fearful and paranoid thinking for calm and neutral intuitive thinking, and this can be very detrimental. You need to learn to distinguish fear from intuition by remembering that intuition is peaceful, centered, unemotional and detached. Fearful feelings, on the other hand, are emotionally-charged, chaotic and vague.
    • Learn to become more Self-Aware. Self-Awareness is the ability to be aware of your feelings, thoughts and behaviors and the way in which they impact you, and the people around you. The more aware we are of what goes on inside of ourselves, the easier it will be to identify our still, small voices in the first place. Mindfulness, meditation, and introspection all assist in developing Self-Awareness.


Intuition is a small glimpse into the enormous magnitude of wisdom and intelligence possessed by your largely secret and untapped unconscious mind.

These are the reasons why you should listen to your intuition more often.

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Written by Aletheia Luna
Originally appeared on Lonerwolf.com

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