Introverts More Likely To Suffer From Depression: 6 Tips To Bolster Inner Peace

Introverts Suffer From Depression

Journaling is an invaluable resource for introverts. It is quite powerful when you jot down a few words of praise, unload some anxieties, or capture ideas for later. Grab a few minutes when you are unwinding at the end of the day to scribble a few notes. It’s a great way to relieve yourself of some burdens, celebrate your successes, and leave your workday behind.

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When we embrace the concepts of employing moderation, focus on what we can control, practice self-compassion, seek impactfulness over perfectionism, champion vulnerability, and provide ourselves with positive reinforcement, we become a strong, authentic person prepared to stand tall and be proud.

Such a confident mindset helps quell the anxiety that can often become the source of depression and even heart attacks. Statistics may say introverts are three times more likely to become depressed, but we have the power to strike balance in our lives and establish confidence and serenity in our daily mindset.

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Written By Steve Friedman
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Introverts More Likely To Suffer From Depression: 6 Tips To Bolster Inner Peace
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