10 Ways For Introverts To Power Up At Work

Ways For Introverts To Power Up At Work

Don’t schedule back-to-back meetings. Give yourself at least 15 minutes between meetings and split that time between preparing for the next meeting so it is less stressful, and just relaxing to collect yourself and recharge a bit. If you have to travel across campus or across town for meetings, provide ample time. Reserve sometime after meetings for a bit of solitude to bring your energy level back up.

You may also choose to grab lunch by yourself in your office, in the cafe, or off-campus. When I learned this trick, I initially felt strange. Are people watching me? Do they think I’m weird? Do they think I’m antisocial or pompous? But then I realized how valuable that time was for me, especially in the middle of a chaotic day. I recognized I had a lot more energy in the afternoon and others benefited too when I was full of energy.

Best ways to keep your battery going:

1. Plan your week on your calendar.

2. Remove items that are not necessary, especially on packed days. Don’t overdo it.

3. Review your calendar the day before.

4. Ensure you have time between meetings.

5. Schedule time before meetings to prepare and reenergize.

6. Strategically place “recovery” time after draining meetings or social time.

7. Treat yourself to a lunchtime getaway – just you and your book, journal, or peace & quiet.

8. Boost your energy at the end of the workday. Review your next day’s calendar before you leave and seek a lower-stress commute.

9. Wind down at night and get some quality sleep (7-8 hours or more).

10. Grow your recharging toolkit: read, journal, music, art, menial tasks, walk, exercise, phone game, whatever you enjoy…

No More Leftovers

For years, I would come home drained. I slid into the couch and often was unable to join the family conversation. My family got whatever was leftover. Sound familiar?

Before the end of your workday, review your calendar for the next day. Be sure to create space. Schedule your walk or lunch out. This will give you some comfort that you have exerted control over your schedule and you have a manageable day ahead.

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Being aware of our energy level is half the battle. The other half is carving out small bits of time during the day to recharge. If you manage your energy battery during the day, your day and your night will be much more satisfying for everyone.

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Written By Steve Friedman 
Originally Appeared In Beyond Introversion
Ways Introverts Power Up Work pin
10 Ways For Introverts To Power Up At Work
Introverts Power Up Work
10 Ways For Introverts To Power Up At Work
Ways For Introverts To Power Up At Work PIN
10 Ways For Introverts To Power Up At Work
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